Remove a Grandfather Clock from the Case

1. Remove the bonnet (A) to expose the clock movement.

2. Remove the weights (J) from the cables or chains.

3. Remove the pendulum (D) by carefully feeding the top portion of the pendulum rod (suspension spring) down through the oblong loop at the lower portion of the crutch (B).

4. Remove the screws on each side of the seat board (E).

5. Remove the movement along with the seat board (I) and Dial (K).


Follow the shipping instructions above, be sure to include the weights and pendulum. The chime rods, chime tubes and key should not be included.

*To reinstall movement, reverse the procedure.

*Follow the instructions of HOW TO SET YOUR CLOCK IN BEAT.

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Murray repaired 2 clocks for us. He did an EXCELLENT job. Explained how to keep my clocks running. Gave me new keys and pendulum. Excellent tutorial! Highly recommend!
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