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The studios of National Clock Repair specialize in everything from the most sophisticated and elaborate old world time pieces to the finest contemporary creative time pieces.

Clock-Worth-MoneyEverything from your great-grandmother’s clock to the clock made as far back as the earliest time pieces reigning in the royal families of Europe, our studios has seen, and restored them all.

Every clock that comes into National Clock Repair for restoration is treated with the same respect and reverence. It may be worth $1, it may be worth $100,000, or it may be the only thing remaining of the owner’s parents, or great-grandparents.

The important thing to remember is that someone cares enough to have it restored. No matter what the reason, each clock is here to be restored, and we strive to perform the highest quality of workmanship.

In order to achieve the highest standard of quality, every clock is inspected by a minimum of four certified master clockmakers, after each step of restoration is completed. The restoration of a clock must be perfect from the beginning steps of inspection, cleaning, bushing-replacement, parts, making, problem solving to the final steps of polishing.

The slightest imperfections will only be magnified with each additional step, which is why we have so many inspections. The quality of our work is important to the family and company name, especially since the repair service on leaving the studio is guaranteed.

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Grandfatherclock Service Calls
Grandfather Clock Service Calls

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