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After hanging your cuckoo clock or any wall clock on a strong nail, preferably in a stud, listen for the sound of the TICK-TOCK. The clock should have an even spaced TICK-TOCK. The concept of a correctly set up clock is addressed under, ADJUSTING MANUAL BEAT CLOCKS. Simply by moving the bottom of your clock to the left or right will change the sound of the beat. It is not important for your clock to be perfectly plumb, but more important the clock is in beat indicated by an evenly spaced TICK-TOCK. A TOCK-TICK sound is out of beat. Some clocks will not run if grossly out of beat.

If further adjustment is needed follow the instructions for ADJUSTING MANUAL BEAT CLOCKS.


The normal operation for any pendulum clock with the pendulum swinging is an evenly spaced sound.

Set Clock In Beat - Figure 1
Figure 1

If this condition exists check the following:

  1. Is the clock plumb?
  2. Is the suspension spring twisted, bent or broken? If it is, it should be replaced.
  3. Are the hands caught or rubbing?
  4. Always make sure that the pendulum guide rides in the center of the verge tail slot, not touching front or back (see fig. 2).

After you have checked the above four and found them OK or fixed as necessary, you adjust the beat as follows:

  1. Remove the pendulum.
  2. Move the crutch to the left and right (see figure 2). The pendulum swing distance should be equal on both sides of the resistance point.
  3. Move the crutch (see figure 2) to the resistance point closest to the center line. At the top point apply additional pressure; this will force the crutch to slip and therefore the beat to change.
  4. Check for equal distance from center line. Repeat step three as necessary, this is a trial and error adjustment.
  5. Hang pendulum and listen to the TICK-TOCK. Repeat steps if necessary.

Set Clock In Beat - Figure 2
Figure 2


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